LifeForce Honey and Liquid Drops!

LifeForce Health LLC, is proud to announce that we will be working with local and foreign bee farmers to bring you Shilajit infused Raw Honey!

In doing so, we will be supporting bee farmers and do our part in saving the earth by sharing their delicious gift infused with our very own Shilajit! This will not only make Shilajit more enjoyable, but more convenient to use on the go by just scooping a table spoon out of the jar and mixing in your favorite hot beverage!


We are also ecstatic to share that we will be making our own liquid drops as well! With added honey of course!

This will be our most convenient and cost effective product we'll be bringing to the table. It will be great for those who want a second dose on the go throughout their day, or for those who can't do mornings and tend to rush to school or work. Where are my fellow night owls at? This ones for you.