Shilajit Benefits

 Shilajit has been used for over 3000 years and has some profound health benefits that have been noted in its Ayurvedic use, current western medicine studies, performance enhancing in soldiers and athletes in Russia, and personal accounts from current users around the world.

Scientific Study Results on Benefits 

 While Shilajit is impressively designed by its individual compounds, as a whole it provides incredible results unmatched and incomparable to other substances.

 The combination of fulvic and humic acids, trace minerals, plant resins, polyphenols, amino acids and C60-DBP complexes makes Shilajit a truly versatile product that stabilizes imbalances at a cellular level - something only nature has the power to create perfectly over millions of years. 

 When ingested, the fulvic and humic components appear to jump start metabolism as well as increase cell wall permeability, allowing the nutrients inside Shilajit, and other herbs or drugs taken with it to easily disperse where they will be beneficial to the body.

 This enables a cascade of beneficial processes inside all our cells, as the antioxidants present inside Shilajit help detox harmful cellular toxins and may protect DNA, and various cells in the body. The amino acids, plant nutrients and minerals support and replenish all parts of the cell needed to regenerate, increase energy metabolism, efficient protein and enzyme production, as well as bolstering our body's natural immunity.

 This profound product may have an applicable use in benefiting all parts of the body and the list of benefits seem endless. To give you more of an idea how Shilajit works on the body, here is a list of benefits reflected through years of research on both animals and humans: