How to Take Shilajit

Shilajit in its pure resin form ensures the quality and purity of the product. In a liquid or powdered form, it is difficult to find quality Shilajit and is usually cut with fillers or harmful substances.

*To soften the Shilajit, add a couple drops of purified water, close the lid, and let it sit for a few hours to absorb. *


How to Properly Prepare Shilajit

Traditionally, Shilajit is prepared by melting in a hot or warm water or milk to drink as a tea. Use your sword or a knife to scoop out a small pea sized portion. If you are feeling gutsy, you can place it under your tongue and let it dissolve. You may test out difference doses to gauge your tolerance. Just be aware that Shilajit is very potent, so a little goes a long way. Too much Shilajit mixed with a stimulant like coffee before any strenuous exercise may cause dizziness and lower blood pressure. Please use it responsibly.




Never put Shilajit in boiling water, as this can diminish the potency and damage the phytonutrients. Stir with your sword or utensil until the Shilajit is completely dissolved in the liquid. 


Finally, enjoy Shilajit with your favorite sweetener, or mix in some raw honey for a tasty and gut soothing beverage. Your Inner Warrior will be pleased!